Zim is an Irken, who in Invader Zim plots to take over the world. As with all Invader Zim characters, his depictions vary greatly between different fanfics.


Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic EditionEdit

He is only given brief mentions in ASBusinessMagnet's fanfic. He was once a student of Portal High School, but, upon the arrival of Wheatly Potter and Jenny Weasley, he and Dib were taken out to the extended underground part of Portal High School. While they were fighting, MarissaTheWriter accidentally mixed up their goals (i.e. now Zim claims Dib is an alien and Dib aims to destroy the world).

Their fighting thus takes them through a time machine to the future Portal Labs. Here, Zim uses the speakers with prerecorded messages by Gabe Jonson to deafen Dib and escapes Portal Labs. There, he is greeted by his Irken leaders, the Tallest, who laugh at his incompetence and throw snacks at him.

He also briefly appears in the epilogue, after his robot servant Gir has been turned into a human. He does not recognize Gir and therefore hangs up almost immediately.

Invader Zim: Born Again ChristianEdit

Zim is first encountered by Gloria Deschanel while Dib is harrassing him. Gloria immediately sides with Zim and tells him about Christianity, leading to his christening by Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. At first, the relationship between Zim and Gloria is positive, as Gloria and Zim work together and help each other. Later, however, Gloria gets mad at Zim, seeing as he stabbed Dib with a crucifix, therefore implying that he was only using the power of Jesus for his own good.

He dies when confronting Dib. At first, his Voot Cruiser explodes; then, Zim tries stabbing Dib with a crucifix again, but instead explodes himself. His last words are, unsurprisingly, “I AM INVADER ZIM: BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!11!”.

The Chronicles of DA SUsEdit

Zim, like Dib, in this fanfic is corrupted by Mary-Sue, immediately falling in love with her. He is generally less relevant than Dib.


  • Despite the fact that Zim is, so far, the only Irken to appear on Earth in the MarissaTheWriter fanfics, Skepness Man still mentions Irkens as a separate species in Enchiridion Marrissa.


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