The Chronicles of DA SUs (previously named The Chronicles of Invader Zim) is the only MarissaTheWriter fan story written by Prettydog200, under the alias "WheatleysGurl". It follows two Mary Sues, Kitteh and Mary-Sue, in Portal High Skool as they rival to have as many people crushing on them as possible.


Kitteh and Mary-Sue, roughly at the same time, start education at Portal High Skool, as per a cliche of many Invader Zim fanfics that start off with a new student appearing at the Skool and romancing either Zim or Dib. Kitteh also leads a troubled life, only having cats for friends and accused of being "forever alone" by her sister.

At first, Mary is much more successful in getting attention, romancing both Zim and Dib as well as other hot boys who let her skip everyone in line at the cafeteria. Kitteh, disappointed at Zim and Mary kissing, punches Mary, who punches Kitteh back. Kitteh is then comforted by Wheatley, who is one of the rare people unmoved by Mary's developments. After Mary calls Wheatley a moron for not falling for her, Wheatley begins hating Mary and he and Kitteh form a friendship.

The next day, after Kitteh and Wheatley adopt a jabberjay named JABBY JERRY BERRY and Mary reveals she has over 9000 jabberjays, they are greeted by Principal InterdimensionalPortaller, who insists that all the students go to the classroom to test. At the end of the test, GLaDOS is corrupted by Mary, and Kitteh begins a plan to get rid of Mary, which involves going straight to Mary's door.

Kitteh finds Mary doing many people. After Kitteh mentions Edward Cullen's name, Edward suddenly appears and Mary nearly kills Kitteh, who proceeds to have a nightmare where she was a normal girl called "Katie", who has been adoring Mary and listening to Britney Spears music, when she was expecting her role models and Avril Lavigne music.

Meanwhile in real life, Wheatley and JABBY are waiting for Kitteh by a tree. They are met by a marshmallow bunny who nearly kills JABBY, but is later confronted by Tak, another Invader. Wheatley and JABBY thus run to Kitteh's house, where they find that Kitteh has waken up and is met by Dib, who insists that the Reaping for the Hunger Games has begun and that Kitteh has spent a really long time in coma. Thus, Kitteh, Wheatley, JABBY and Dib go to the Reaping, and the fic is cut short.


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