The Capitolian Critic is a newspaper and magazine that exists within the Marrissaverse. During AG 1980, it was run by Willy Wanker from the Chocolate Factory, but eventually, the ownership was transferred to Critics United.


In Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host, a Capitolian Critic issue is first seen. It is written for February 2, AG 1980, and the main news story is about Violet Beauregarde, the search for her across time and space and her eventual tour of Beauregarde Chewing Gum Industry. As Violet acquires the newspaper, she puts it next to another, AG 1945 issue about how she found a Golden Ticket to enter The Chocolate Factory. The placement of the Capitolian Critic issues in Violet's home is also important, as the one from AG 1945 conceals behind it Skepness Man's time "clock", which remains undisturbed from AG 1980 all the way to AG 2174, when it is stolen by Dick Stiller.

In addition, in Spectators of the Host, Willy Wanker briefly mentions that he is in control of what The Capitolian Critic publishes, and intends to do a follow-up to the previous story, instead acknowledging "the fake Violet" as the real Violet and mentioning that she has changed unrecognizably.

The AG 1945 issue also appears in Marrissaverse Stories 2015, when Roxa Lavigne and Dick go back to the time. They note that this must be the most recent newspaper, as it hasn't yellowed.

The AG 1991 Premiere of Inside Out mentions that by its own time, The Capitolian Critic had been taken over by Critics United. It also had gained a magazine branch, and the magazine has covered Principal Business Lady's coming out as transgender.


  • The Capitolian Critic's magazine branch and Principal Business Lady's coming out story are a clear reference to another coming out event, in particular that of Caitlyn Jenner, covered on Vanity Fair.