- GLaDOS (to Marrissa Roberts), ITS MY LIFE!

Speshul powers are a set of (in)consistent powers typically attained by the Mary Sues of the MarissaTheWriter fanfics. They are first introduced in ITS MY LIFE! chapter 1, alluding to the parody origins of the story.


Skepness Man outlines the basic qualities of people with speshul powers, labeled by him as "powerful humans" and by the faux-Latin name Homo desapientis buxomus, in Enchiridion Marrissa. According to him, speshul powers pass on through generations, and could only be ever attained by females. The common qualities of a powerful human are a general sexual attractiveness, including a busty chest (hence the faux-Latin name), various powers (not all of which Skepness Man lists) and the bending of reality to a powerful human's favor, such as the death of whoever hates the powerful human in question. They also exhibit a hatred towards falmer trollz, who are generally unaffected by the powerful humans' reality bending.

The fact that speshul powers can only be attained by females is contradicted by ITS MY LIFE!, where a guy, Cave Jonson, had attained powers. ITS MY LIFE! also briefly mentions that speshul powers actually differ from person to person; for example, Cave Jonson has the ability to fly in air, while Marrissa (originally) doesn't and Caroline has to be injected once more.

While appearing to make the character near-omnipotent, speshul powers have their limitations; for example, one cannot use speshul powers to resurrect anyone but themself or cure brain damage.

Known powersEdit

  • Flying to and being able to breathe in space
  • Electric powers
  • Teleportation power
  • Super detective power
  • Immunity to neurotoxin
  • Time travel
  • Ordinary flight
  • "Green Lantern" power (being able to conjure stuff out of nowhere)
  • Immunity to zombee taters/zombification
  • Shielding oneself
  • Immunity to bullets
  • Using hands as dowsing rods
  • Bioluminescence
  • Entering other people's minds

Known individuals with speshul powersEdit


Non-human or part-humanEdit

Should have speshul powers, but do notEdit

  • Chell (as Caroline's child)

Powers by individualEdit

If a person has exhibited a speshul power, it is marked with a tick in the person's column and the power's row.

Power Marrissa Roberts GLaDOS Cave Jonson Chell Junor
Space flight
Electric powers
Teleportation [note 1]
Super detective
Neurotoxin immunity
Time travel [note 2] [note 3]
Ordinary flight [note 4]
Green Lantern
Zombie immunity
Bullet immunity [note 5]
Dowsing rod hands
Mind entry


  1. With limitations; while Marrissa can go from Andord Hell to the main Marrissaverse directly, Chell Junor cannot go from the inverted Marrissaverse to the main Marrissaverse directly, and has to detour via Rebecca Sugar-Vasquez's mind.
  2. Mostly involuntary and unpredictable.
  3. It is unclear if this is inherited from Marrissa or Wheatly.
  4. After second injection.
  5. After resurrection.


  • With regard to the Green Lantern power, MarissaTheWriter has stated that while the movie itself was dumb, the powers in it were cool. In addition, it was Assirram Strebor who first used the power, rather than Marrissa.


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