- Skepkitty, in xyr MST of THE MARRISSA GAMES

Skepkitty is an MSTer and one of the chief falmer trollz. Xe is best known for xyr blog The Half-World, where xe used to post MSTs of terrible fanfics during the time the MarissaTheWriter stories were written. Xe had MSTed ITS MY LIFE!, TEEN FORTRESS 2, Invader Zim: Born Again Christian and THE MARRISSA GAMES, which is more than any other MSTer who had picked on Marissa.


Skepkitty founded The Half-World in late 2010. Originally, the blog didn't have a particular direction in which it was going, but in early 2011, it established itself as an Invader Zim fanfic review blog, posting features such as MSTs, the "Overused Plots" and ship reviews. Eventually, though, Skepkitty played Portal and Portal 2, and the two MSTs prior to ITS MY LIFE! featured a lot of Portal references (which were later removed).

After the MSTs of ITS MY LIFE! and TEEN FORTRESS 2, which (alongside the MST of My Immortal) made The Half-World's most active posting period, the blog resumed its normal posting schedule, with a mixture of Invader Zim, Portal and, later on, The Lorax fanfics. However, in 2012, both the MSTs prior to ITS MY LIFE! were publicly shamed by their authors and not spoken of since.

Later on, the blog moved to Tumblr and the subject of the blog changed to reviews of terrible published literature, such as Fifty Shades of Grey. Since Skepkitty preferred to start fresh, the majority of the MSTs (sans one of an Invader Zim fanfic, Love Knows No Race) were removed, and as of now only a partial MST of ITS MY LIFE! is available. Though, xe hasn't completely shied away from terrible fanfic.

In an ask, Skepkitty stated that xe thinks that ITS MY LIFE! was the best Marissa story, and that after it, the stories got too repetitive. That said, the MSTs of other MarissaTheWriter stories will "eventually" be moved. In addition, xe is struggling to move the rest of the MST of ITS MY LIFE! because of Lyme disease, a discouraging readerbase and problems with xyr laptop. Furthermore, while the moving of the formerly existing MSTs of MarissaTheWriter fics is in the works, Skepkitty has never read Real Beauty and refuses to MST it. To quote xem: "Not that Marissa isn’t fun, but I need a break."

According to Skepkitty, the MSTs of MarissaTheWriter fanfics gained The Half-World a significant readerbase, and next to My Immortal and Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen, the MarissaTheWriter stories were the most requested to be moved over to the Tumblr version of The Half-World.

Besides MSTs, Skepkitty also occasionally writes fanfics. Xyr only story on FanFiction.Net is Freedom, which explores the aftermath of Portal 2 and its song Want You Gone, and xyr only two stories on Archive of Our Own, under the nickname magicalboymiracle, are written for Dangan Ronpa.

MST styleEdit

Skepkitty often edits xyr MSTs, even long after they were published, to reflect xyr current views and remove anything that may have been deemed childish. Xe also was against re-posting MSTs of certain Invader Zim fanfics, as their authors found the MSTs insulting; however, as MarissaTheWriter isn't a real person, this doesn't apply to her fanfics.

Skepkitty has used several phrases from another fandom blog, Topless Robot, including "JOY JOY JOY" and "HATE HATE HATE".

Fictional identityEdit

Main article: Skepkitty (character)

Skepkitty was first acknowledged by MarissaTheWriter in TEEN FORTRESS 2, where xe had commented that perhaps Katty the Koala was actually eating Scot's testicles, rather than his baseballs, due to ambiguous words "balls" and "ballsack". Xe appears only in chapters edited by Logic Editor, where xe hangs out with Logic's self-insert.

In the majority of stories that Skepkitty appears in, xe is typically featured as a minor antagonist who gets his upcoming fairly shortly into the events. However, in some stories, like Real Beauty and ITS MY LIFE!: THE FLAMES AWAKENS, xe is the main villain.


In Portla 3, Skepkitty is a protagonist. "She" meets Marrissa, telling her that she didn't kill Wheatley, but she has been working on resolving the mystery independently from Mr. Kirkland. However, ASBusinessMagnet and Logic Editor arrive on the scene, and ASBusinessMagnet shoots Skepkitty.

At the end of THE MARRISSA GAMES, Marrissa mentions that she has a plan for Skepkitty's blog, and that "2 HALFS MAKE A WHALE". This, as revealed later, was based on a real life plan that Doombly had in mind: for April Fools' Day, to change The Half-World to appear like it was "hacked" by Marrissa, complete with an MST of xyr MST of the first chapter of ITS MY LIFE!. However, Skepkitty never got back to him on this plan, and therefore it wasn't carried out.

Skepkitty is briefly mentioned in The Chronicles of DA SUs, mainly in reference to the events that happened to xem in Born Again Christian.

Gender identityEdit

Since 2013, Skepkitty has entered an increasingly confusing series of coming out as various gender identities. Currently, xe states that xe's "intergender", meaning that xyr gender identity is not definitely male or female, but rather taking elements from both.[4] This is also reflected in stories featuring xem over time; while Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host and Real Beauty feature xem as transgender male, ITS MY LIFE!: THE FLAMES AWAKENS features xem as cisgender male.




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