Scot is one of the members of the TEEN FORTRESS 2. He was the last member to join the gang. He is the main narrator of TEEN FORTRESS 2.


This character's familial relations
Biological father:
(a dog)
Biological mother:
This character:
Their siblings:
Wulf, (7 more)
In a relationship with Katty Smithereens (deceased)
No children known
Spouse: Pyro
Biological children: Spy


Scot originates from Florida, where he used to live with his family. While his parents aren't given much detail, it appears his father was a dog and his mother was a human, thus enabling Scot to run in superhuman speeds. However, this also makes him subject to bullying, seeing as his eight brothers were all full dogs and mocked Scot for being only half-dog. Thus, TEEN FORTRESS 2 kicks off with Scot accidentally killing his oldest brother Wulf and escaping from his home to the city of Portal High School, where he runs into the rest of the TEEN FORTRESS 2 members and is quickly admitted to the gang, as well as to the school itself.

For his new life, he gets to live together with Snipper. The two also find a zoo koala, which they name after Scot's deceased girlfriend Katty Smithereens. All in all, life for Scot in Portal High School goes on pretty well. He finds another girlfriend, Pyro, and the two live a happy life. Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition implies they eventually got married and had a kid Spy.

After studying in Portal High School, like the rest of TEEN FORTRESS 2, he began studying in Half-Life College. There the team is found by Agents J and K and called to help Marrissa Roberts in the Hunger Games. After Pyro is killed, Scot sacrifices himself for her, but, like every other protagonist who died, he was resurrected by Wheatly's spell.


  • At least two references are made to the video that MarissaTheWriter calls "Meet the Scot".
  • He has a baseball bat named Marrissa. While the name is supposed to be a shout-out to Marrissa Roberts and ITS MY LIFE!, in his universe, Marrissa wasn't even born when Scot got the bat. MarissaTheWriter takes this as explanation as to why Scot doesn't remember why he named the bat as such, as she elaborated in a private message to ASBusinessMagnet.
  • Scot shares his home state with Doombly, the main author of MarissaTheWriter stories. However, according to Doombly, this is pure coincidence.
    • This is because Doombly was sent a PM by a fan, discussing how the Team Fortress 2 classes could be used in ITS MY LIFE! Among the suggestions was one that Scot should be from Florida, given that he has a handbag. Being from Florida himself, Doombly found the suggestion funny and included it in the Marrissa canon.
  • He is called "Scot Parker" in TEEN FORTRESS 2 by Logic Editor and subsequently "Scot Parkour" in Enchiridion Marrissa by Skepness Man.


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