Immersive reality features and a nearly endless epic gaming environment.

- An advertisement of Sburb Alpha, per Additional Discoveries on Marrissaverse History

Sburb Alpha is a game released by BC Corp, nearing the end of the Anno Glorii epoch. Most of its details are glossed over in MarissaTheWriter stories; however, it is very clearly established that the game transports its players to an alternate dimension, the Incipisphere, where each of them gets their own planet orbiting one of the Skaias. Along with these, each Skaia has two more planets, "Prophet" and "Desura", which host the players while they are dreaming, and an asteroid belt.

Skepness Man Beauregarde, in Additional Discoveries on Marrissaverse History, brings up the idea that the Incipisphere is a middleground for all the other universes, seeing as, going from his own Incipisphere, he actually managed to make it to an alternate universe which, in the former planning notes, was referred to as a "semi-fictionalized" Earth from when the MarissaTheWriter stories were written.

Several more details of Sburb Alpha and its mythology are also mentioned in MarissaTheWriter stories. Those include alchemy, which allows upgrading of existing objects with new features or making new objects by combining two existing objects, and the Reckoning, an event during which the Skaia is attacked by meteors from the asteroid belt and in response opens defense portals which lead back to the universe of origin. Titles assigned by Sburb are also occasionally mentioned.

A similar game, apparently named "Sgrub", is mentioned by Aranna Sorket. It appears that she played it with her eleven friends, including Meanie Pixies, and used it to go God Tier, enabling her to have various powers.

Known Sburb playersEdit