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The Ridgway family consists of all the relatives of Jesse Ridgway, also known as McJuggerNugget. It is an alternate universe version of the Roberts family, as McJuggerNugget replaces Janet Roberts in the bad timeline of Marrissaverse Stories 2015.

Family treeEdit

Beauregarde family
Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce
Tiffany Beauregarde
Skepness Man Lettuce
Luminescence Pixies
Bethesda Ridgway
Meanie Pixies
(Candacension Pixies)
(Ronald McDonald)
Grandma Reilly
PoopUp Ridgway
Psycho Dad
Juliette Reilly
Jesse Ridgway
Jeffery Ridgway
(Big Brudda)


  • Even though Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce did not adopt Skepness Man, he still took their last name for his own.

Other relationsEdit

  • In her Tumblr, ASBusinessMagnet implies that McJuggerNugget is a descendant of Skepness Man Lettuce. Therefore, considering the parallels with Post-SCrash Session, it is likely that Skepness Man Lettuce married Tiffany Beauregarde.

Major family membersEdit

Minor family membersEdit

  • Tiffany Beauregarde is briefly mentioned as Biff Tannen and Violet Beauregarde's daughter.
  • Luminescence Pixies is Meanie's ancestor in Post-SCrash Session 2: The Belorussian Aliens. She is generally cheerful, in contrast with Meanie's grumpy attitude, and is therefore hated by Meanie. While not confirmed, dialogue implies that Luminescence is Meanie's mother.
  • Bethesda Ridgway is based on the developer of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Both are mentioned in Post-SCrash Session (Rectified). A copy of Fallout 3 is in the hands of the corpse of PoopUp Ridgway.
  • Ronald McDonald is the figurehead of McDonalds, in this universe replacing Betty Crocket.
  • McJuggerNugget briefly mentions Grandma Reilly and PoopUp Ridgway as his grandparents.
  • Like Janet's Robrodad, Psycho Dad has been replaced with a robotic version.
  • McJuggerNugget briefly mentions Juliette Reilly as his girlfriend. Due to the parallels, it is implied that she is the alternate of Jack London.
  • Jeffery Ridgway is mentioned as McJuggerNugget's brother.


Note that some family members may have appeared in other stories; this only documents the appearances of the family tree at large.