Real Beauty is the fifth MarissaTheWriter story. Like Invader Zim: Born Again Christian, it is set in a different continuity, but recurring elements and characters, such as the falmer trollz, occur. It is based on the movies American Beauty and The Lorax.


Real Beauty has three chapters in total. The first one elaborates on the Once-ler and his Japanese ancestry. The Once-ler was the son of a Japanese ninja Kai Lai, but after his death has been living together with the Lorax and planning to make the Thneeds, even though the Lorax wouldn't allow it.

The second chapter follows Jane Burnham, a suburban girl who has been living together with her mother and her boyfriend Ricky Fitz. The plot picks up right after the ending of American Beauty, seeing as Jane mentions that not too long ago, her father was killed by Ricky's dad. Dissatisfied with this turn of events, Jane runs away from her family and chances upon the Once-ler. While they are discussing the Truffula Trees and how he is going to use them to make the Thneeds, before long, a snake bites the Once-ler in the crotch and Jane has to suck out the poison, while the Lorax watches.

In the third chapter, the Once-ler and Jane have been living for several months. They have minor quarrels, but seem to get along. Then, Skepkitty is introduced with the alias "Von Kramer". Skepkitty is planning to take the Once-ler away from Jane, thinking that with a male identity and female organs, he will get the Once-ler regardless of his sexual orientation. This plan doesn't work out, so Skepkitty hires "Genral Hurt", who has appeared in the Once-ler's backstory, to kill the Once-ler, and he succeeds in killing the Lorax. At this point, however, the Once-ler once again "activated his japnish side" and kills first Genral Hurt then Skepkitty, and thus the fanfic ends.

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