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Portal High School (also known as The Skool) is the past version of Portal Labs. It is first seen in ITS MY LIFE!, as Marrissa Roberts, after traveling back in time, ends up here.

Despite originally being a wacky side-version of Portal Labs, the prominence of Portal High School later rose, especially in fan stories.


As Skepness Man writes, Portal High School, before Principal Business Man known simply as The Skool, exists from time immemorial and was host to the events of Invader Zim: Born Again Christian.

Originally, Portal High School was only host to drama between its students, but Skepness Man notes that with the coming of Principal Business Man everything changed. The early era of Portal High School was repeatedly named by Skepness Man as "his favorite era", and many things were revolutionized, including a time travel exam.

Principals after Business Man also influenced Portal High School in their own way, such as Principal GLaDOS establishing the "one student in, one student out" rule and Principal InterdimensionalPortaller attempting to restore the drama previous to Business Man's leadership.

Portal High School was disestablished by GLaDOS to give room for Portal Labs.


According to art by ASBusinessMagnet, Portal High School has 8 above-ground floors and a strangely indented roof. There are also frequent mentions of the extensive underground part of Portal High School, containing much more rooms (in particular, Spectators of the Host claims that the underground part stretches for a kilometer in depth and has several hundred floors), more oriented towards survival than education and inaccessible to those above ground except through one tile that can be shifted from its place.

In the principal room, in which Principal Business Man works, there is an intercom, to which Principal Business Man is able to speak to his students (or simply play songs). He also oversees everything through his set of cameras.

According to Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition, the year AG 1998 saw a great restructuring of the above-ground part of Portal High School. The space-time anomaly detection device, originally a small device in Principal Business Man's office used to detect when Atlas and P-Body arrive, was rebuilt to span the entire above-ground part, and Portal High School gained the ability to shoot rockets, in particular towards the direction of GLaDOS's "layer".

Known personnelEdit



  • Ms. Bitters / Ms. Sweaters ("Ordinary Technologies", entire known Portal High School history)
  • Mr. Elliot (Biology, during AG 1998; also appears in 1 BD)
  • Mr. Pursell (History, during AG 1998)
  • Logic Editor (Math, AG 1998-2011)
  • Loveable Freak (Physics, AG 1998-2011)
  • Mr. Lewis (English, during AG 1980)
  • Ms. Hart (Music, AG 1980-1984; Math, AG 1984-1997)
  • Mr. Hussie (Literature, during AG 1980)
  • Mr. Newell (Informational Technologies, AG 1980-1987)
  • Mr. Orepros (Religion, AG 1980-1985)
  • The Mining Movies / Mr. Miner (Physical Education, AG 1980-1985)
  • Jhonen Eggert-Vasquez (Literature, during AG 1998)



  • There is a real-life school named "Portal Middle High School" (formerly known as "Portal High School") in Portal, Georgia.

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