Pony Pals: Detective Pony is a story written by Dick Stiller. Its printed copy was gifted to Janet Roberts, and has made it from the version of the Earth destroyed by the Red Miles to the past. Janet likes it, but not as much as Problem Sleuth 3 or the stories about her ancestor Marrissa Roberts.

Skepness Man mentions that Dick Stiller wrote an epic series about Jared Halley. While it is likely it begins with Pony Pals: Detective Pony, its complete content is unknown.

It is based on Jeanne Betancourt's story Detective Pony, the seventeenth in the Pony Pals series. The book is featured as part of the plot of Homestuck, as Dirk Strider acquires a copy of the book, significantly alters it and sends it as a birthday gift to Jane Crocker. This is the presumed reason for the book's inclusion in Post-SCrash Session.


The story revolves around Anna Halley, Jared Halley's mother who looks after sentient ponies such as Twilite Sparkel, Rainbow Dash, Princess Celesta, Pinkie Pie (thus implying a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) and Maplehoof. As the story begins, Anna receives news from Twilite that Jared is in danger, and as such rides Maplehoof to where Jared is. However, Anna's journey is stopped by SkepPony, who, on her way, kills Maplehoof and halts the journey. Anna, as such, contacts Twilite, and they both begin solving the mystery. The story then cuts to Jared, but not much is seen of it when Janet Roberts, while reading it, is interrupted.

The story of Jared Halley then is further elaborated upon in Enchiridion Marrissa. Jared was called by Candacension Pixies to the 50th Hunger Games, later named The Trial of Jared Halley in her honor. She successfully fighted in the games, but upon the last moments she was killed by a ricochet knife when fighting Haymish Abernathy.



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