Pesterchum (also known by various other names) is a chat client that exists in the MarissaTheWriter universe. It is solely used by ASBusinessMagnet, seeing as it is directly based on the chat client in Homestuck that exists by the same name.

As per the premise of Pesterchum, each user picks themself a "chumhandle" that is comprised of two words. These two words are abbreviated, and as such chumhandles can also be referred to by their shorthand form. A conversation begins and ends with both users' full chumhandles stated, as well as an informational message which is arbitrary and can be "began pestering", "began trolling" and other variants.

Pesterchum is also referred to by other names, such as BettyBother (called that by Janet Roberts), JeerLeader (by Meanie Pixies), "that messaging app everyone in Homestuck uses" (by Aranna Sorket), and even, on one occasion, "that chat program named Homestuck or something" (by Marrissa Roberts). Functionally, these chat programs are all compatible with each other, allowing for inter-universe chats. Surprisingly, the name "Trollian", seen in Homestuck, is not mentioned by Marrissa.

Known chumhandlesEdit

Person Chumhandle First seen in
Ross Lavigne tentenkolTerrorist OMG IMMA IN LOFE WIDDEN ALEEYEN!
Logic Editor and Loveable
(using Ross's phone)
Kanner Sorket grimAusterlitz
Kanner Sorket (post-conversion) grimAuxiliatrix
Janet Roberts gutsyGumshoe Post-SCrash Session
Cantaloupe uranianUmbrae
Roxa Lavigne tipsyGnostalgic
Dick Stiller tinmanTestmaker
Dick Stiller's GPS Navigation
Jack London googleTherapy
Meanie Pixies coloredCondescessence
Aranna Sorket artifiocularGambler
Cranky Vasquez communispeechGatherer Post-SCrash Session 2: The Belorussian Aliens
Lately Pirate gamergirlCourtjester Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host
Violet Beauregarde harmlessExcellence
Skepness Man Beauregarde mysteryscienceSkepticalmagnet
California undyingUmbridge Dick Stiller and Roxa Lavigne's Time Travellegiance
McJuggerNugget keepitRidgid Post-SCrash Session (Rectified)