Besides Doombly, ASBusinessMagnet and people related to them, there are various other trollfic writers, often more famous. Their trollfics therefore often inspire others, sometimes blatantly.

Confirmed trollfic writersEdit

Peter ChimaeraEdit

Peter Chimaera is likely the earliest trollfic writer, who has been writing stories since 2002. He has touched upon many fandoms, as well as historical elements, as seen in his self-published book Peter Chimaera book of hsitorical faFfiction.

His story, Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula, has once been made into a World of Warcraft machinima which inspired Doombly himself.


squirrelking is another infamous trollfic writer. His flagship trollfics are the Half-Life: Full Life Consequences series, including four stories. Their main original characters are John Freeman, Gordon Freeman's brother, and Henry Freeman, John's son. As Peter Chimaera's stories, they were also made infamous by machinimas.

The Full Life Consequences stories were parodied by Doombly, who wrote a rehash of them, under the name BioShock Infinite: Full Lutece Consequences.

Unconfirmed trollfic writersEdit

D'ark Yagam'iEdit

D'ark Yagam'i is the author of a Death Note story, Light and Dark the Adventures of Dark Yagami, with many elements of trollfic. He is another great inspiration to Doombly, and therefore there are many similarities between him and MarissaTheWriter.


saske-is-my-yaoi-kismesis is the author of two stories. She is identified with her obsession with the Japanese culture, to the point of referring to herself by her Japanese name, Anumi Karoku.

Her first story, Tarvos and Fairie: A Love Story, is written for Homestuck. While it has less of an impact on Homestuck trollfic, being shadowed by Homestuck High, DAVE STDIDER POKEMON TRANER and Learning and Sburbing, its Mary Sue Koibito Minano still appears in Additional Discoveries on Marrissaverse History.

Her second story, Saske is My Yaoi Kismesis, is written for Naruto, and hasn't been referenced yet.

Tara GilesbieEdit

Tara Gilesbie, better known by the nickname XXXbloodyrists666XXX, is perhaps the most well-known trollfic writer. Her only trollfic is the Harry Potter story My Immortal. Its main character Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way is a seventh-year at Hogwarts, and quickly into the story engages in a love triangle between herself, Draco Malfoy and Harry "Vampire" Potter, made even more confusing by most characters being bisexual.

Due to the popularity and notoriety of My Immortal, many people have confessed to being Tara, therefore leaving her original intent and identity ambiguous.

She is a great inspiration to Doombly, and Ebony has even appeared in fan stories such as Portla 3.

Likely not trollfic writersEdit

Stephen RatliffEdit

Stephen Ratliff wrote Star Trek stories on mailing lists. They developed a minor character from The Next Generation, Marissa Flores, into a Mary Sue, Marrissa Picard. This eventually led to the naming of MarissaTheWriter and Marrissa Roberts after these stories.

Similar to Ebony, Marrissa Picard has appeared in Marrissaverse Stories 2015.

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