OMG IMMA IN LOFE WIDDEN ALEEYEN! is the second officially listed trollfic written by ASBusinessMagnet. Apparently, her version of MarissaTheWriter was inspired by interdimensionalPortaller, more precisely Ascension of the Portaller-verse Fic #1, to write human/alien romance fanfics.


Averil Lovonde, after having divorced with Gerard Way, has been living with her second husband Mark Tequila, who refers to Avril's daughters, Raws Lovonde, Roxee Lovonde and Skep Katty by names "Awa", "Bekkay" and "Lilles Tequilas". Thus, life of the Lovondes is terrible, and Raws's only comfort is an alien with candy corn horns and gray skin by the name of Kanner Sorket, who Raws agrees to meet with.

However, in Portal High School, to which Raws, Roxee and Skep have all moved, there are a few obstacles, namely two falmer trollz, Logic Editor and Loveable Freak. They steal Raws's iPhone from her and proceed to message Kanner with passive-aggressive messages, which proceed to turn Kanner into a falmer troll-esque persona.

Raws, in school, which is now under Principal Interdimentol Portaller's rule, is shot by the teachers. In hospital, Raws is contacted by Kanner once again. Kanner has begun to refer to herself by her proper name from otherworldly sources, Kanaya Maryam, and still agrees that they with Raws are lovers. The fic then switches to Kanaya's perspective.

Kanaya goes to Portal High School, where Interdimentol Portaller inquires if she received a package from an Irken invader Zim. Kanner denies it, but then a package with a dress arrives, which appears to be from another ASBusinessMagnet fanfic, Division of Doom. When she's wearing the dress, she meets up with Raws, they kiss, and the fanfic ends.


  • The story is subtitled "DE ON AN ONLEE CHAPPER".
  • ASBusinessMagnet has written a proper counterpart to this fanfic, named Gothic Emo Girl and First Contact Alien. In addition to having proper spelling and grammar, some details are changed; for example, the school where the fanfic is set is now named Blue Portals Educational Industries' American Division.
    • On ASBusinessMagnet's FanFiction.Net profile, OMG IMMA IN LOFE WIDDEN ALEEYEN! is listed as "That one Rose/Kanaya fanfic that you will find strangely familiar", referring to the relative popularity of Gothic Emo Girl and First Contact Alien.
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