Cain: There’s a Marissa-Speak dictionary on the MTW wiki.
Ghostie: Of course there is. That’s the only way to attempt to make sense of this … whatever it is.

- Library of the Damned MST of THE MARRISSA GAMES

One of the reasons MarissaTheWriter fanfics became particularly infamous is because of the vocabulary used. Some of this vocabulary is collected here in alphabetical order.


british v. to speak with a plethora of British cursewords and a stereotypical British accent

When speaking, characters with British ancestry, such as Wheatly, Stephen Merchant and Sweary Guy, will "british".

Other variations of the word exist, such as "to french", "to russian", "to texas" and "to Zim". However, none of these seem to be as developed as britishing, and are simply ordinary trollficese with another name.

drugs and beerEdit

drugs and beer n.phr. substances that, when inhaled or ingested, make one into a druggy jerk

Drugs and beer are first used by Altas and P-Boy in ITS MY LIFE!. Other druggy jerks include Demonman, Haymish Abernathy and Atbod and P-Las.


feces n. the part of the head containing vital organs such as the eyes, the nose and the mouth

I swear, anytime I hear the word feces, I’m going to have to use brain bleach, thanks to this fic.

- Alexandria "Goddess" Dominguez, Library of the Damned MST of TEEN FORTRESS 2

god save the queenEdit

One of the more infamous phrases used as part of britishing. It is used as an interjection. It is only occasionally related to Queen Elizabeth.

goth emoEdit

Main article: Goth emo

Goth emos include GLaDOS, Marrissa Roberts (briefly) and Skepness Man Beauregarde.


happy v. to become happy

Many other verbs based on nouns and adjectives exist in the MarissaTheWriter vocabulary, such as "to president" and "to Hunger Games".


LOL v. (present participle lolling, past participle lolled) to laugh


Usually, in addition to smoking drugs and drinking beer, villains of MarissaTheWriter stories will also "molestrape" others. While the precise nature of molestraping is unknown, Marissa mentions that when Scot put Katty the Koala in his bag of baseballs, called a "ballsack" by Marissa, Skepkitty mistook it for Scot molestraping Katty, due to xyr interpretation that "ballsack" meant "scrotum".


o-mouth v. to gasp

The word is based on the Internet smile :O.


sewiside v. to purposefully kill oneself; n. the act of sewisiding

Sewisides are typically associated with goth emos.

At first, the word was used as a verb, "to sewiside", but in later fics, the usage became "to commit sewiside".


sores adj. worse


wank v. to beat someone up

Like "god save the queen", "wank" is a term associated with britishing, and also sometimes crops up in character names such as Willy Wanker.