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Everything about one of the most infamous fanfic series on the Internet, written by MarissaTheWriter.






A lot of things on this wiki have to be changed, now that there's more than one person actually editing it.

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February, 2016 - Timeline of MarissaTheWriter stories

This series of pages details the timeline of MarissaTheWriter stories, using as many references to the stories in question as possible. While Insane Guy of DOOM didn't conceive of a chronology in which time could accurately be tracked in the stories, ASBusinessMagnet later filled in the hole with the Anno Glorii system. It is divided into five sub-pages: one for the Anno Glorii system itself, one for the Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host era, one for the TEEN FORTRESS 2 era, one for the ITS MY LIFE! era and an additional page for all the timelines that do not fit into Anno Glorii.

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