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Everything about one of the most infamous fanfic series on the Internet, written by MarissaTheWriter.






Probably something useful if you want to contribute, but if it's not, at least you know something more about me after clicking and reading it.

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March, 2014 - Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host

Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host is the fifth officially listed trollfic written by ASBusinessMagnet, and the third in the Post-SCrash Session series. Originally it follows Janet Roberts and her friends, Roxa Lavigne, Dick Stiller and Jack London, after they escaped to the past. However, it quickly takes another direction and becomes a romance story between Skepness Man Beauregarde and Chell Junor Roberts. It is the longest MarissaTheWriter story and the longest story ever written by ASBusinessMagnet.

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