After happily living with Wheatley and Chell Junor, our favorite Mary Sue Marrissa Roberts finds herself in a predicament as she unexpectedly mishandles her powers and appears in the past. Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host perspective change.

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Living Someone Else's Life is an incomplete draft of a trollfic written by ASBusinessMagnet. As the summary implies, the story is a rewrite of Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host from the perspective of Marrissa Roberts, who, as revealed in the last chapter of Spectators of the Host, was under the guise of Violet Beauregarde during the whole fanfic's duration.

The title is an almost-obvious take on the title ITS MY LIFE!.


Marissa Roberts has been happily living with Wheatly and their daughter in District 12. However, one day, during a visit to the Capitol, she finds out that the falmer Hunger Games, established at the end of THE MARRISSA GAMES, were disestablished by Skepness Man. Marrissa becomes mad at the development and proceeds to investigate, coming across a copy of Enchiridion Marrissa, Skepness Man's novel. However, a point stated in it, namely that she is to sewiside soon after, aggravates her and makes her accidentally misuse her powers, landing her in the past version of the Capitol.

Marrissa thus immediately goes investigating. The first piece of information that she finds is that about how, some time ago, Willy Wanker ran a tour of his factory, leaving four children mentally damaged forever. Knowing that she has to disguise herself somehow, Marrissa goes to Tbilisi, Georgia, where she finds Violet in the Rejected People Orphanage. Marrissa takes Violet to an abandoned factory and begins developing it, creating the basis for Beauregarde Chewing Gum Industry. She then presumably creates her own Violet identity, while the original Violet becomes known as "the fake Violet".

The fanfic then skips ahead in time. In AG 1978, Principal Business Man comes from his time travels. Marrissa was originally mad at Principal Business Man for not being able to raise Skepness Man and escaping to the past, but, as she is under the guise of Violet, the dialogue between the two quickly devolves into a deal to sell Beauregarde Chewing Gum Industry candy in the city of Portal High School. In AG 1980, Marrissa finds Skepness Man, having just learned that Skepkitty is a trans guy, and taking over as his mother and conveniently leading into the plot of Spectators of the Host. However, the fanfic ends here, with ASBusinessMagnet proclaiming that "it won’t ever be a complete fanfic, and it won’t be making it into the MarrissaTheWriter Complete Anthology".

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