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(Averil Lovond actualley existod in tldis continovity shee was de motter of Raws and Roxee Lovondes an shee also had a kid shee nomed Skep Kittee hoo traqnspired to Portol High School€( an also her hubbby is da leed singoe of My Kemikol Romonse)

- Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition

The Lavigne family consists of all the relatives of Avril Lavigne and Gerard Way. It is first established in Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition, as they are mentioned to be parents of Ross, Roxa Lavignes and Skepkitty. The first two have been created deliberately for the family, being based on the Homestuck characters Rose and Roxy Lalondes, while Skepkitty had been a recurring MSTer of MarissaTheWriter fics.

The alternate surname "Lovonde" for the family comes from an amalgamation of "Lavigne" and "Lalonde".

Family treeEdit

Jonson family
Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce
Beauregarde family
Marrissa Roberts
Harry Potter
Jenny Weasley
Skepness Man Lettuce
Tiffany Beauregarde
Roberts family
Ron Weasley
(Gale Thunderpants)
Hermoany Stranger
(Natalya Arlovskaya)
Asspers Lovonde-Culland
Mark Teague
Avril Lavigne
(Averil Lovonde)
Gerard Way
Valentina Tereshkova
Ridgway family
Roberts family
Jonson family
Jack London
Roxa Lavigne
(Roxee Lovonde)
Kanner Sorket
Ross Lavigne
(Raws Lovonde)
Principal Business Man
Skeptical Kitty Lavigne
Louise London


  • * Even though Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce did not adopt Skepness Man, he still took their last name for his own.
  • ** Avril Lavigne and Gerard Way have divorced.
  • *** Principal Business Man and Skepkitty have divorced. To further complicate the matters, both of them later came out as transgender.

Other relationsEdit

  • Roxa Lavigne and Jack London have been cursed by Candacension Pixies to transform into the aliens Whores the Hock and Chronos Ampersand respectively.
  • Jenny Weasley and Skepness Man Lettuce are Skepkitty's biological parents, while Avril Lavigne and Gerard Way are his adoptive parents.
  • Ron Weasley has been sent by Robot and Roslalonde to a time where he was adopted as Jenny's brother.

Major family membersEdit

Minor family membersEdit

  • Tiffany Beauregarde has been briefly mentioned in Post-SCrash Session (Rectified) as the Ridgway family ancestor.
  • Asspers Lovonde-Culland has only been mentioned in versions of the MarrissaTheWriter Family Tree drawn by ASBusinessMagnet. His name is based on that of the Guidestuck character Jaspers Lalonde, nicknamed "Asspers" by another character, and the Twilight character Jasper Cullen.
  • Mark Teague married Avril Lavigne prior to the events of OMG IMMA IN LOFE WIDDEN ALEEYEN!. Similarly, Gerard and Valentina's marriage has been mentioned in Marrissaverse Stories 2015.


Note that some family members may have appeared in other stories; this only documents the appearances of the family tree at large.