The Hunger Games are an annual contest organized by Critics United. In it, a boy and a girl from each of the districts (typically non-falmer troll) is reaped for the Games and put into an arena where they fight until only one remains. This last survivor is declared the victor and helps other tributes in the games.


The Hunger Games were first held in Anno Glorii 2100-2101, shortly after Critics United took over the world.

The 50th Hunger Games, also known as The Trial of Jared Halley, were notable for featuring Jared Halley, a powerful human-dog hybrid, brought to the Games by Candacension Pixies, and Haymish Abernathy. In the games, Jared and Haymish became the last tributes, and ultimately Haymish became the victor.

The 73rd Hunger Games were notable for featuring Riley Andorsen, who won the Games using her "emoshun powers.

The 74th Hunger Games were notable for featuring Marrissa Roberts, and are described in detail in THE MARRISSA GAMES. They were won by Marrissa, who then proceeded to partake in a larger battle against Critics United, dubbed the 75th Hunger Games. Marrissa thus won this battle too, disestablishing Critics United and ending the Hunger Games as they used to be known.

This event marked the start of a new iteration of the Hunger Games, called the falmer Hunger Games, which now featured falmer trollz exclusively, rather than the non-falmer trollz. They ran from 76 up to 416, until Skepness Man disestablished them (even though he was actually a tribute of the 413th falmer Hunger Games; whether time travel is involved or the games simply occur really fast is unknown).


Every 25th iteration of the Hunger Games, during the Critics United era, was a Quarter Quell, for which the rules could be changed to the Gamemakers' accord.

Known Hunger Games tributesEdit

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50th Hunger GamesEdit

73rd Hunger GamesEdit

74th Hunger GamesEdit

75th Hunger GamesEdit

  • 240 zombies

413th falmer Hunger GamesEdit