Hogwarts is a school in British England, in many purposes serving as the British counterpart of Portal High School.


Like Portal High School, Hogwarts has a long and varied history. Most importantly, later in its lifetime, Harry Potter was announced to be the chosen one against "VLODMORT", and the battle between them leveled Hogwarts and killed its principal, Albert Dumblydore. Hogwarts was thus rebuilt, and Albert was replaced with Gobo Fraggle.

During the rule of Gobo, two of Snape's goons, Iggy and Huey, took over and proceeded to make fun of the school. They are not personnel, though, and are eventually killed by Ron Weasley. Gobo Fraggle is also killed, and it is unknown who replaces him, as Jenny Weasley had to go back in time, since a past headmaster was killed and needed to be replaced.


While Portal High School has a principal, Hogwarts has a headmaster. However, the headmaster is still frequently erroneously referred to as a principal.

While SATs are aptitude tests associated with America, Wheatly has taken (and aced) them, meaning that either Hogwarts or another facility in British England hosts them. In addition, Hermoany Stranger is described as "valetorian" (valedictorian), another part of the American school system typically unheard of in Britain.

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  • Mr. Norris (janitor)