Half-Life College is a college where TEEN FORTRESS 2 continued education after graduating from Portal High School. It is the main setting of one chapter in THE MARRISSA GAMES, in which Agents J and K fight the villains of Amnesia: The Dark Descent so they can rescue TEEN FORTRESS 2 and send them to the future to help Marrissa Roberts in the Hunger Games.

It is presumably located on the Earth, as one can ride to here from Portal High School by motorcycle.


At the time when J and K arrive, Alexander has taken over Half-Life College, radically changing its structure (e.g. meat now grows out of walls and there are a lot of hostile mobs) and made Principal Gordon Freeman leave. Eventually, Alexander is successfully killed by J and K; however, if Half-Life College is restored to its usual state is unknown, because J and K left, taking TEEN FORTRESS 2 with them.

Known personnelEdit




  • A faction named "the Black-Eyed Peas", which had invented a portal to Xen, is mentioned once in Enchiridion Marrissa. While it, like Half-Life College, was based on the Black Mesa Research Facility, its relation to Half-Life College is unknown.


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