District 12 is a city situated outside Portal Labs, in the location where the city of Portal High School used to be. It is first visited during THE MARRISSA GAMES; even though it presumably existed during the events of ITS MY LIFE!, the plot of that story was confined to either Portal Labs or its past version, Portal High School.


District 12 was established sometime between the founding of Portal Labs and the events of THE MARRISSA GAMES, likely to facilitate the Hunger Games, which require a male and female tribute from each of the districts. Likewise, its disestablishment date is not known precisely, but is likely to be sometime during the rule of Candacension Pixies, when the Earth was flooded.


City HallEdit

This is the place where the Reapings take place, and in THE MARRISSA GAMES, is the only place in District 12 to be described in detail. It hosts a garbage bin into which Kantiss Evergreen is thrown, seeing as she cannot volunteer for the Hunger Games.

Portal Middle School and District 12 High SchoolEdit

Similar to Portal High School, Portal Middle School and District 12 High School were where Chell Junor was studying before being transferred to Portal High School.

Portal Middle School is the main setting of ITS MY LIFE!: THE FLAMES AWAKENS, and the plot is kicked off as Riley Andorsen begins studying there. Many children of the main Marrissaverse characters besides Chell Junor went to it, including Dave Linkan, Abraman Linkan's son, and D-Body, likely to be Pimprose Evergreen and Peeta-Body's daughter.

District 12 High School is briefly mentioned in Marrissaverse Stories 2015. There, Chell Junor befriended Principal Comcast's daughter Elizabeth Comcast, but due to Principal Comcast's influence they had to break up. Eventually, though, Wheatly decided that Chell Junor needed a proper education and sent her to Portal High School.

Known residentsEdit