The Death Star is a structure which briefly appears in ITS MY LIFE!, during the "portal battle" between Marrissa Roberts and Assirram Strebor.


When Marrissa first uses the prototip portal gun to teleport herself here, she finds what appears to be "Dark Vader". However, once Marrissa punches his face, she discovers that "Dark Vader" really is Assirram. The two then use the prototip portal gun to transport themselves to Portal High School.

The Death Star makes an appearance again in Portal: The 4th Millennium: The Trollfic Edition. Emprase Contone Ovasere, also known as Daz Membrone, has taken control of it, and uses it to destroy the Earth. She then uses it to conquer the rest of the universe in the Irkens' name.

The Death Star is briefly mentioned in THE MARRISSA GAMES, though not as its actual version; rather, it is mentioned as a project requested to be built by the Obama administration, similar to Ratman's reconstructed version of Portal Labs.