In MarissaTheWriter stories, a chronomad is someone who does not have a persistent residence anywhere in space and time, preferring to hop between different epochs. Skepness Man created this term to describe himself, but later it came to describe others, for example, Aranna Sorket, Cranky Vasquez and Joey Claire (who directly followed in Skepness Man's footsteps and even inherited some of his technology and writing), as well as Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce.

The distinguishing feature of a chronomad is that they are able to track periods of time accurately, as opposed to the rest of the populace, which prefers to live in a chronology of anomalies such as seven Fridays in a row. While the appearifier and sendificator created by BC Corp can only show time periods travelled as a difference in seconds, Skepness Man's time "clock" and the delirious time car can show time with an absolute reference point, which was chosen to be the Anno Glorii system, another invention by Skepness Man.

Chronomads such as Skepness Man and Cranky Vasquez also show interest in creating histories of their timelines. However, some, like Aranna Sorket, prefer to adopt a different stance towards time travel in general, protecting their timelines from any further change from other time travelers.

Known chronomadsEdit