Cantaloupe (originally known by her Pesterchum handle, rendered as "Uranian Umbræ") is one of the two last surviving cherub trollz, besides her brother California. She makes an appearance in Post-SCrash Session and Post-SCrash Session 3: Spectators of the Host.


She is known to message Dick Stiller at least once. She and California are able to track any and all activity in their universe, and Cantaloupe becomes excited to learn that he and Roxa Lavigne have arrived from the past. She thus messages him, and he shares his story prior to his arrival to the future, as per Dick Stiller and Roxa Lavigne's Time Travellegiance.

She is known to message Janet Roberts at least twice. She informs that she cannot tell Janet her name, because of a game she is playing with her brother. She also informs Janet that she is the "Made of Life", granting her the power of resurrection. Otherwise, she is not seen in person, and it is not even confirmed that she is a cherub troll; the details were later filled in by Enchiridion Marrissa.

While the Red Miles were attacking Earth, she stayed in the bunker where she lived together with California. As the Red Miles stopped, revealing the Third Creation, Cantaloupe was the first to exit and encounter a leprechaun town. The leprechauns revealed that they had a prophecy concerning her and California, but misassumed she was a guy, leading her to run away to a cave reminiscent of Minecraft.

Once she returned, she had a chess match with California, which she won. This led to her being announced as the winner of the first chess tournament of the Third Creation, but the award was actually one of those previously given to Violet Beauregarde. Because California immediately dismissed Cantaloupe as irrelevant, she ran away to a "skyblock island" and began developing it, transforming it to a floating village.

As California attacks the village, he builds a skyscraper, but the debris of the skyscraper buries the Earth once again, leaving California stranded on Uranus. He and Cantaloupe are then hailed as gods in what is declared to be the Fourth Creation. How Cantaloupe fared after that is unknown.


While she is a cherub troll, she usually covers her face with gray paint and wears horns, to be more reminiscent of aliens with candy corn horns and gray skin.


  • When Cantaloupe shouts, the U's are actually rendered as lowercase letters. This is in contrast with California, who capitalizes all his letters when shouting.


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