I do like how MarissaTheWriter seems to think that you can always combine two words and get another word. “Englondon”?

- Skepkitty, in xyr MST of Invader Zim: Born Again Christian

British England is the place from which all British characters, such as Wheatly, Stephen Merchant and Sweary Guy, hail. Its citizens are characterized by the fact that they british, using many cursewords such as "bloody", "bugger", "wank" and "god save the queen".

Its leader is Queen Elizabeth.


Prior to HARRY POTTER AN THE KILL OF SNAPE, British England has been mentioned by these names:

  • City of Englond: first seen in ITS MY LIFE!, as Assirram Strebor sends her army there. Wheatly thus exclaims that the army is killing the queen, and Assirram notices that Marrissa Roberts and Wheatly have arrived.
  • Englondon: in Invader Zim: Born Again Christian, Stephen Merchant plans on returning here after he sees the apocalypse encompass the city he was currently in.
  • Britane (also Untied Pingdom of Grate Britane and Nothern Iceland): in the ASBusinessMagnet comic Sweet Chell and Hella Marrissa. This time, many facts about Britain, England and London are gotten right, but the area does not bear any significance, barring the fact that it's Wheatly's homeland and irenicPie lives here.


The story initially takes place in Hogwarts, a school in British England. There, Harry Potter learns that Snape has escaped and begun teaching at Portal High School, and therefore he and Jenny Weasley head to the "London Areport" so they can take a flight to "American USA". While they plan their trip, they find a surgery shop operated by Robot and Roslalonde Lettuce, where they get surgery to conceal Harry's identity, and from then on he becomes known as Wheatly.

However, while Wheatly and Jenny are in America, Jenny receives news from Ron and Hermoany that bad stuff is happening at Hogwarts as well. Therefore, the second half of the story takes place in British England once again. Jenny and Skepness Man make their flight to British England, but crashland at London with no money to go to Hogwarts. Therefore, they have to acquire money in questionable ways at Hooters.