Belarus is a planet in the inverted Marrissaverse primarily populated by aliens with candy corn horns and gray skin. Its pink moon is the main setting of Post-SCrash Session 2: The Belorussian Aliens, as twelve residents of Belarus take refuge there, in the Frog Temple.


Not much is known of Belarus's history, other than that, unlike the Earth, it hasn't had much contact with alien lifeforms, other than through the influence of the Frog Temple.

It was accidentally destroyed by Meanie Pixies, while she was setting up a booby trap to kill herself and her friends. Cranky Vasquez noticed that she was planning something with a bomb, picked it up and threw it onto Belarus, exploding it and killing everyone there. The planet is only revisited in Meanie Pixies' Hour of Fame, when Meanie finds its ruins and takes it upon herself to re-piece the planet together, creating "Belarus Nouveau". Upon becoming Candacension Pixies, though, she decides to change the name to "Altair". At first, the planet is barren, but more people had taken refuge in its pink moon and once the planet is pieced back together, they move back to it.

Eventually, Candacension would take over Altair as its sole leader, and much later, would import water from the planet to flood the Earth in the distant future. Candacension is eventually killed by Chell Joy Roberts; who resumes her rule of Altair after her is unknown.


The entirety of Belarus, at the time of The Belorussian Aliens, was ruled over by Luminescence Pixies, Meanie's so-called "ancestor" who had announced that Meanie is her "hairless". Similarly, Altair is ruled by Candacension Pixies, Meanie's future self, from Nemiga City, which, so far, is the only known city on either planet. Otherwise, not much about the governance of Belarus or Altair is known.

Known peopleEdit