Arrow-Awesome is one of the more significant reel fans and the author of the first two fan stories for MarissaTheWriter. One of them, MarissaxChell, remains on FanFiction.Net to this day, while the other, Portla 3, was removed due to a comment from ASBusinessMagnet.

She hasn't appeared on the Internet in any form since 2011, when she deleted Portla 3.

Fictional identityEdit

Arrow-Awesome does not appear as a character in any MarissaTheWriter stories, including official stories, fan stories and her own stories. She does, however, appear in an ASBusinessMagnet story OFU Portal: The 4th Millennium Edition. Her only significant action in the story is filling a water glass and spilling it on the Warweary Serket's robot so it shuts off. It is also mentioned that when she, Insane Guy of DOOM, Skepkitty, irenicPie and Freelance Plot Protector Katz are trying to escape City of Serketpolė, Ashley leads the whole plan.


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