In addition to Anno Glorii, several alternate calendar systems appear in MarissaTheWriter stories. They are usually hard to come by, given the Marrissaverse is a world which can't accurately track time, resulting in anomalies like the seven Fridays in a row.

Hunger GamesEdit

An indirect calendar system was established by Curiosity Snow once he became the leader of Critics United and began organizing the Hunger Games. Given that they are annual and numbered, their number can be used as a calendar. However, after the establishment of the falmer Hunger Games, this system falls apart, given that falmer Hunger Games happen "all the time". The numbers for the Hunger Games also don't appear in THE MARRISSA GAMES, and instead were the invention of ASBusinessMagnet and/or Skepness Man Beauregarde.


The post-Condensation (abbreviated PC) year counting system was established on the Earth by Candacension Pixies. It counts years from her arrival on the Earth on November 11, AG 2211 to the end of the Anno Glorii system. It likely was commonplace in Candacension's world, seeing as Janet Roberts feels the need to establish that she lives in 413 post-Condensation, rather than AG 2624. Post-Condensation dates are also mentioned alongside Anno Glorii dates in Enchiridion Marrissa.

Despite tracking time until the end of the Anno Glorii era, it does not extend to the Third Creation or the Fourth Creation, given that the two are predominantly inhabited by leprechauns.