Additional Discoveries on Marrissaverse History - An Autobiographical Novel by Skepness Man Beauregarde is the second documentary-style story written by ASBusinessMagnet, following Enchiridion Marrissa.


Main article: Skepness Man Beauregarde#Biography

Unlike Enchiridion Marrissa, Additional Discoveries is composed as a single continuous novel, separated into 20 chapters. It follows Skepness Man's point of view from when he was called into the 413th falmer Hunger Games to when he was "adopted" by Violet Beauregarde.

Besides the main story, there is also a preface, outlining the purpose of Additional Discoveries, which is to answer anything on the subject of Skepness Man, and a chapter titled "About the Author", signed as Sectumsempra Sanpe. In the main novel, however, Skepness Man reveals that Mr. Sanpe did not in fact write the chapter, seeing as if Mr. Sanpe ever discovered Additional Discoveries, he would likely kill Skepness Man.

An Appendix A is also included, showcasing how Skepness Man wrote much earlier in life. It is a near-incomprehensible mixture of English and French, and seems to be eerily similar to an excerpt from Enchiridion Marrissa.

The story features one character not mentioned in any other MarissaTheWriter fanfic, Kobito Minano.

Thanks for metaphorically “sticking with me” for the entire time,

Skepness Man Beauregarde

- Conclusion
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